Welcome to Back 40 General Store.  You may have been redirected here from Back 40 Books which has now been incorporated into the General Store.  Over the years we have introduced much more than books to our site and the name has been changed to more appropriately describe what you find in our shop.  We have also moved from a farm in southern Ohio to our present location in the Missouri Ozarks. The founders, Herman Beck and Linda Lee are still at the helm.  We hope that you enjoy the new store and welcome you to come on in and look around.

Herm with his first Morel mushroom                   Linda splitting wood (vintage)    
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    Alley Mill, National Park Service, Eminence, Missouri Fruit Tree Pruning DVD and Booklet Leanin Tree Joy to the World Christmas Card Assortment
    Alley Mill Fine Art Giclee PrintFruit Tree Pruning DVD and BookletLeanin Tree Joy to the World Christmas Card Assortment

    Fine Art Giclee Print on Textured Watercolor Paper or Photographic Paper


    Purdue Extension's Jim True gives a hands-on demonstration of fruit tree pruning. Take the 36 page booklet along with you as a guide when you prune your own trees.

    You'll enjoy sending all the different scenes of the Christmas season with this Joy to the World set.





    Leanin' Tree Snowfolk Christmas Card Assortment Arithmetic in Agriculture Free-Range Poultry Production and Marketing DVD Valu-Pak
    Leanin' Tree Snowfolk Christmas Card AssortmentArithmetic in AgricultureFree-Range Poultry Production and Marketing DVD Valu-Pak

    Let your favorite snowman take your greeting to friends and family this year.

    A great math book with problems based on agricultural situations. Designed for eighth grade plus. First written in 1939 by Theodore H Fenske it presents arithmetic in a practical way and has been reprinted several times.

    Free-Range Poultry Production and Marketing Valu-Pak by Herm Beck-Chenoweth Contains the Free-Range Poultry comb bound production manual & DVD that shows field and slaughter operations in a hands-on style.






    Herbal Smoke Mix # 1 (Wildcrafted) Polyface Farm DVD Saint John's Wort Oil (Wildcrafted) 2 Oz Bottle
    Herbal Smoke Mix # 1 (Wildcrafted)Polyface Farm DVDSaint John's Wort Oil (Wildcrafted) 2 Oz Bottle

     Smoking mix #1 contains mullein, catnip, hop flowers and spicebush leaves.

    Salatin's farm is one of the world's finest examples of an environmentally friendly family farm.  Take a year-long, two hour video tour of the operation and enterprises.

    This wonderful red oil is used to soothe sunburn and relieve nerve pain relating to repetitive motion injuries, bruises, strains and shingles. Herm 'n HannaH gather the fresh flowers and leaves of St. John's wort together.




    1 - 9 of 9 items

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