Commercial Blueberry Production DVD Download
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Commercial Blueberry Production DVD Download

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Commercial Blueberry Production DVD Instant Download by Maurus Brown, Ph.D Ohio State University Small Fruit Specialist. Everything you need to know about blueberry production. From planting your first plant to setting up your business plan. Approx running time is 66 minutes.

Topics covered contain:

  • Business plans
  •  Marketing
  •  Site selection
  •  Field preparation
  •  Bush growth & fruiting
  •  Different varieties
  •  Nurseries
  •  Planting
  •  Fertilization
  •  Iirrigation
  •  Mulch
  •  Diseases
  •  Insects
  •  Insecticides
  •  Weed control
  •  Harvesting
  •  Pruning
  •  What to do about birds eating your fruit.

Also great information if you just want to plant a small patch in your garden.


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