Draft Horses, An Owner's Manual
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Draft Horses, An Owner's Manual

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Authors Valentine and Wildenstein are experts in all aspects of draft horse management and treatment. You'll find comprehensive information about the special diets required by heavy horses, hoof maintenance, medications, breeding problems and how to make sure a foal gets off to a good start on a happy life. This book should be on the shelf of every current or prospective draft horse owner. This manual for draft horse owners comprehensively covers draft horse health. Chapters include the following: Feeding draft horses, special dietary needs of heavy horses, foot and hoof care, vital signs, lumps and bumps, gastrointestinal problems, back and spinal cord, muscles, joints and legs, laminitis stallions and mares, mare fertility, foaling time, the foal, blood testing, giving medications and much more. Black and white photos. 231 pages, softcover.

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