Equipping Your Horse Farm
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Equipping Your Horse Farm

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Equipping Your Horse Farm by Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh. Selecting appropriate, high quality equipment is critical to running a horse farm safely and efficiently. The proper tractor, implements, trailer, and truck will lighten your work-load and help you provide a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your horses. Whether you keep one or two horses on a few acres or run a professional equine facility, Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh, America's trusted voices on all things equine, will guide you through all your equipment purchases. You'll learn how to assess your farm's needs and how to avoid making choices that could result in costly maintenance and repair bills. Hill and Klimesh lead you through every aspect of equipment selection, including all-purpose vehicles and a wide variety of implements such as loaders, mowers, harrows, and spreaders. This comprehensive handbook also includes advice on evaluating used tractors and trailers, tips on keeping your machinery and equipment in good working order, and guide-lines for safe operation. A point-by-point inventory of desirable features and accessories, numerous photographs and illustrations, and thorough checklists provide additional information as you make the best choices for your farm. Soft cover, photos, glossary, 182 pages, 8" x 11".

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