Poultry housing plans
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Farm-Built Range Poultry Equipment and Housing Plans Download

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Farm-Built Range Poultry Equipment and Housing Plans Instant Download by Herman Beck-Chenoweth & Midwest Plan Service. Need new housing, feeders, and waterers for your chickens, turkeys ducks or geese? You can build your own like the poultry expert Herman Beck-Chenoweth. You'll never find a more easy-to-read and understand set of plans that contains dimensions for both chickens and turkeys. This booklet and the lumber are all you need. The measuring is already done. Includes a cutting list that tells how many of each board you'll need, what size to cut the board in feet and inches, and a cutting diagram for putting it together. This revised edition now contains two broiler skid designs. These designs may be made larger or smaller to meet individual needs. They can hold as few as 15 birds or as many as 1000. A little pamphlet, a lot of insight. Corner staples, 8.5" x 11". A Resilience Institute publication by Herman Beck-Chenoweth.


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