Flavorful Hearty Blend Herbal Smoking Mix 1 oz. pouch
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Flavorful Hearty Blend Herbal Smoking Mix 1 oz. pouch

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  • Manufacturer: Herm & HannaH's Herbs
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Herbal Smoking can be good for the health of your lungs and your being.

Herm has formulated herbal smoking mixes that contain no tobacco. Remember, most herbs have specific effects on your body. You need to chose the mix of herbs that will relax, clear your mind or stimulate your energy levels. All of my smoking mixes contain mullein which is well known to directly affect the lung tissues, opening them and relieving spasms. Inhaling the smoke from burning herbs confers both physical and spiritual healing. Sumac Leaves bring "woodsy" aroma to the smoke and the addition of Sage gives a fuller bodied "mouth-feel" Not a relaxing smoke, just mellow and satisfying.

Flavorful Hearty Blend contains Mullein, Spicebush leaves, Sumac Leaves and Sage leaves. In addition to a smoke mix this is also good for ceremonial use to "cleanse" spaces before Spiritual ceremonies. A good, satisfying smoke if one is trying to give up tobacco

Ships in a re-sealable plastic pouch.

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