Fruit Tree Pruning DVD and Booklet
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Fruit Tree Pruning DVD and Booklet

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Fruit Tree Pruning DVDand& Booklet by Jim True. Join a live demonstration by Purdue Extension's Jim True as he gives a hands-on demonstration of fruit tree pruning along with 58 PowerPoint slides. Then take the 36 page booklet along with you as a guide when you prune your own trees. Jim's experience with fruit tree pruning started on his family's orchard and he has been involved with the pruning throughout the past 30 years. When Jim began working with Purdue University and their Master Gardener Program he started teaching the fruit tree production and pruning class using a hands-ons demonstration with apple limbs to show how to make the proper pruning cuts. Jim also covers peaches, blueberries, blackberries, and grapes as well as orchard site selection, variety selection and maintenance. This one hour wide-screen presentation was produced using high-definition equipment and recorded in front of a live audience at the 2008 Ohio Farm Science Review Small Farm Center made possible by the Sustainable Ag Team of Ohio State University Extension, Mike Hogan, Chair. The price includes the DVD and the 36 page booklet plus free shipping! Quantity discounts are available and all major credit cards and university purchase orders are accepted.

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