Getting Your First Horse
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Getting Your First Horse

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Getting Your First Horse by Judith Dutson. Buying your first horse is an exciting, but often daunting, experience. Make the best possible decisions with the expert guidance in Getting Your First Horse. You'll find answers to all your questions as author Judith Dutson takes you step-by-step through the buying or leasing process, including: what you need to know before you buy; what to look for in a horse; the characteristics of different horse breeds; what your horse will need for housing, feed, and exercise; how to be safe around your horse, and how to keep your horse healthy. The information provided here will save horse owners a great deal of time, money, and heartache, because it provides them with the knowledge they need to buy and care for a horse responsibly. 10 ¾" x 8 ½" softcover. 167 pages. B&w and color photos and drawings. Three appendices and a glossary at back of book.

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