Horse Hoof Care
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Horse Hoof Care

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Horse Hoof Care by Cherry Hill. If it affects horse foot health, it's covered here. Healthy hoof care practices, horseshoeing, hoof handling, working with farriers and vets. Readers will find comprehensive coverage of lost shoes, hoof cracks, thrush, clubfoot, contracted heels, and many other common problems, along with advice on treatment. Proper hoof care is one of the most important contributors to a horse's health and well-being. Without sound, well-maintained hooves, an otherwise healthy horse can become lethargic, grouchy, and sullen. With healthy hooves, a horse's noble personality shines. The author explains the anatomy of the hoof, the role of the farrier, and all the principles of good care and maintenance. Also addressed is the ongoing debate on whether or not to shoe and how to proceed with either choice. From addressing gait problems to training a horse for shoeing, and from feeding a balanced diet to performing daily hoof checks. Loaded with pictures. 8½" x 11", 151 page kpaperback.

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