Let's Talk Turkey DVD
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Let's Talk Turkey DVD

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Let's Talk Turkey DVD: Free-Range Turkey Production features Herman Beck-Chenoweth, poultry expert, as he details a very flexible, inexpensive, secure and bird-friendly system of raising just 15 or up to 20,000 turkeys per year on range. Covers fencing details, roost construction, farm-built feeders, feed formulas, guard animals, slaughter, ageing and marketing. An extensive array of PowerPoint slides have been edited in for clarity. Here is an excerpt: "Late in the summer, the year before you order your turkeys, you should improve your pastures. We lightly disked the pasture grooving the turf, and broadcast medium red clover into our primarily bluegrass and orchard grass sod. The turkeys are very fond of the clover and like the grass to be about 4-5 inches tall. Before introducing the birds to the pasture we laid 3/4" plastic well pipe on the ground and connected 8' long porcelain coated water troughs we purchased used from the widow of an old-time turkey ranger. Our roosts have evolved over the years. I patterned our early skid roosts after pictures I had seen in FFA textbooks from the 50's, 60's and 70s. They seemed to follow a similar design and finally I found a picture that listed a plan number. After four years of searching I finally managed to get an out-of-print complete set of plans that were originally produced by the Midwest Plan Service. These are excellent roosts, complete with a bill of materials. I have included the plans in my manual Free-Range Poultry Production and Marketing. Incidentally, keep your roost away from trees for it is likely the turkeys will prefer the trees. That's ok, unless the trees are near the edge of your pasture. If so, they may perch at night and fly out of the pasture the next morning.

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