Market Farm Forms Manual and CD Download
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Market Farm Forms Manual and CD Download

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Market Farm Forms Instant Download by Marcie Rosenzweig. If you produce vegetables for sale to retail consumers (or if you are about to start !) and you are serious about being successful you need this manual/CD combination. Market Farm Forms contains computer spreadsheet templates for planning and organizing information on diversified market farms. This software program will help you in planning crops and budgets, order seed and soil amendments, grow transplants, project yields and income, and then track what really happens against your projections. It will take your record keeping to new heights. If you don't use a computer you can copy the forms in the spiral bound manual and do the calculations by hand. If you have a computer and a spreadsheet program you can use the electronic forms and the program will do the work for you. As a former market gardener myself (HBC) I can vouch for the need for a program such as this. If you are even considering a CSA this program will save you untold hours of guessing and agonizing. Considering the work that went into this application it is a steal. Spreadsheet Software Set contains: 8.5" x 11" 100 page manual and CD. For Windows or Mac.


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