Micro Eco-Farming
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Micro Eco-Farming

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Micro eco-farmers across the nation are profiting from small acreages to small-town backyards. Their livelihoods restore the planet while creating an abundance of healthy products produced in very small spaces. Here's how they succeed, how they start "with nothing," what traits they share, and what secrets they know. Hundreds of real-life examples with ideas, resources and methods for all who aspire to create their own micro eco-farm: from backyard gourmet restaurant gardens, homegrown organic spa products, "u-gather" net groves, front-yard cut-flower stands, heritage rosse farms, urban greenhouses, herbs and flowers for healing, connoisseur apple orchards, ethnic personal chef gardens, to mail-order farm crafts and more! Soft cover, 6" X 9", 175 pages, B&W photos.

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