Polyface Farm DVD
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Polyface Farm DVD

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Polyface Farm DVD, Joel Salatin's farm is one of the world's finest examples of an environmentally friendly family farm.  Now you can take a year-long, two hour video tour as Joel and family give you a personal tour of the operation and enterprises.  The Polyface Farm DVD was filmed over an entire year on the farm.  Join entrepreneur and passionate farmer Joel as he explains balance and interconnectedness of the landscape, community, plants, and animals.  Hard hitting and practical, Joel's explanations will revolutionize your thinking about food and farming in a pro-active, can-do style.  Both the "how" and the "why" are discussed in this information backed DVD.  In-depth descriptions of the poultry, beef, hog, rabbit and forest enterprises at the farm will stir your imagination.  In addition to the various chapters the DVD includes a 16 minute interview with Joel.  Don't miss this 126 minute, high quality production. 

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