Polyface Revisited  DVD - Overview of Polyface Farm 2008
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Polyface Revisited DVD - Overview of Polyface Farm 2008

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Polyface Revisited - An Overview of Polyface Farm DVD (2008) Joel Salatin's Update presentation from the 16th National Small Farm Trade Show & Conference is classic Joel. His DVD Polyface Farm introduced us to his successful farm operations and the family that, along with him, makes it all happen. Known for his thorough coverage of any topic, Joel methodically walks us through the multiple operations such as the raising of beef, pork, poultry and rabbits, along with their forestry operation. They pretty much do it all at Polyface and Joel heartily explains how they have changed and adapted over the years. Making Polyface the model of a sustainable family farm is Joel's life work and this DVD helps the rest of us learn what we can also do to move in a similar direction. At 2 hours & 44 minutes running time, and fully illustrated with 245 color slides this DVD will quickly become an essential part of your farm library and a perfect compliment to 2006's Polyface Farm DVD.

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