Raising Pigs the Natural Way DVD Download
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Raising Pigs the Natural Way DVD Download

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Raising Pigs the Natural Way DVD Instant Download by Kelly Klober. This 2½ hour widescreen production was taped at the 2009 Small Farm Today Conference and Trade Show in Columbia Missouri. Written and presented by Kelly Klober, a real family farmer. In today's market, range-rearing of swine provides the family farm with a key venture for diversification and cash flow, perhaps no other large animal enterprise offers as fast a turnaround on investments. Range-produced pork is now sought out by the informed consumer concerned with issues of factory farming and willing to pay a premium to get a healthy, quality alternative. This comprehensive video on raising hogs the natural way includes discussion on housing and fencing, selection and breeding, herd maintenance, feed and feeding, marketing and more. DVD widescreen format, plays on computer or TV. Run time 2.5 hours.


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