Saint John's Wort Oil (Wildcrafted) 2 Oz Bottle
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Saint John's Wort Oil (Wildcrafted) 2 Oz Bottle

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  • Manufacturer: Herm & HannaH's Herbs
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This wonderful red oil is used to soothe sunburn and relieve nerve pain relating to repetitive motion injuries, bruises, strains and shingles.

Herm 'n HannaH gather the fresh flowers and  leaves of St. John's wort together. It is important to the quality and effectiveness of this oil that both leaves and flowers be included. We harvest at the time of peak potency and soak the herbs in high quality olive oil for at least 3 months to obtain the maximum benefit. Store the oil at room temperature; if stored in a refrigerator the oil will solidify and need to be brought to room temperature for use.

Ships via Priority Mail in a 2 oz. blue Boston glass bottle with a plastic cap.

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