Sumac Berries   R. glabra and  R.typhina
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Sumac Berries R. glabra and R.typhina

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Wildcrafted Sumac berries.  Both Smooth Sumac (R. glabra) and the Staghorn Sumac (R. typhina) “berries” are used to make a tasty beverage termed "sumac-ade," "Indian lemonade" or "rhus juice".This drink is made by soaking the drupes (Berries) in cool water, straining the liquid through a cotton cloth and sweetening it with stevia, honey, maple syrup or cane sugar. 

With your order you will receive full instructions for the “iced” variety as well as one for a spicy warm variety that is excellent to share with friends in the cold of winter.  The cool variety is an excellent source of vitamin C, but heating eliminates the vitamin C.  Herm Wildcrafts the drupes containing these berries precisely at the time that they have achieved maximum flavor and vitamin content.

Available in 8 oz bag - $ 11.00 or 1 pound bag - $20

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