Vines and Wines DVD Download
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Vines and Wines DVD Download

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Vines and Wines DVD instant Download.  A Complete Video Guide to Growing Grapes & Starting a Winery. Filmed at the Small Farm Center at the 2006 Ohio Farm Science Review. The first half-hour covers the raising of various types of grapes whether in a back yard or a large vineyard. Presenter, Maurus Brown covers grape types, root stock, pests and diseases using PowerPoint slides. The second half of the presentation, also with PowerPoint slides, guides you through the planning of a winery, the legal aspects of starting a winery and gives great tips on who to contact for information on just what you'll need to set up a winery no matter if it is large or small. Presenters: Maurus Brown, PhD, Assistant Professor and Extension Educator and Todd Steiner, Department of Horticulture and Crop Sciences both at The Ohio State University.


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