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Whizbang Apple Grinder & Cider Press

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  • Item #: 9780972656498
  • Manufacturer: Whizbang
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Anyone Can Build a Whizbang Apple Grinder & Cider Press by Herrick C. Kimball. The Whizbang apple grinder is made using a common kitchen garbage disposal. This modified disposal-grinder "chews up apples as fast as you can feed them in, never overheats, never jams, and puts out a fine, juicy mash that's on par with what you'd get from an expensive commercial hammer mill." The Whizbang design maintains a traditional style wood slat pressing tub (2 bushel capacity) but parts with tradition when it comes to putting pressure to the apple mash. Instead of turning a big screw with a handle, the Whizbang press utilizes a common automotive scissors jack (or hydraulic bottle jack). Kimball asserts that the big screw on old cider presses was appropriate technology for 150 years ago, but there are now better ways to get the job done. Easy to read instructions and fully illustrated. A must have 8.5"x11" , 46 paged manual.

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