About Us

At Back 40 General Store square dealing and good service is a way of life.  Our founders, Herman Beck and Linda Lee have been living the "simple life" which is actually the highly complex and involved life since 1975.   We heat and cook with wood and raise nearly all of our own food. We share our lives with free-range chickens, turkeys, goats, horses, cats and dogs. In addition to our livestock we raise vegetables, herbs and trees. Foraging for wild foods and medicinal herbs is an important part of our lifestyle. 

Herman Beck-Chenoweth is an author, farmer, researcher, speaker, video producer and homesteader. He began living off the land in 1974, after leaving a corporate career. His work has been widely published in such magazines as the Mother Earth News, American Small Farm and Farming . He is the author of the book Free-Range Poultry Production and Marketing, wrote and hosted our Free-Range Poultry video, and serves as the Executive Director for our non-profit group, Resilience and the related Resilience Research Farm. Herman enjoys farming, raising chickens and turkeys, self-reliant living, foraging foods and nature photography. He also takes care of our Atrium where we raise citrus fruits and bananas. He has a few too many cats and loves them all.

Linda Lee was reared on a farm and treasures life in her cabin in the Missouri Ozarks. The abundance and diversity of plants, animals and weather changes as well as the incredible landscape are continual sources of renewal. She enjoys the treasure hunt that awaits a stroll along the Current River or up a hollow. Will the discovery be a special stone, a plant, a bird, a tree or some other being placed upon Mother Earth for it’’s own unique purpose? She is an advocate of plants as medicine as well as food ala Susun Weed.